HAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAYYY BEAUTIFUL! I hope this day is filleddd with lotsa’ joy. All days should be. I am so sorry for not being there today but that shouldn’t stop you from having all the fun. Hah! And I shall make up for it tomorrow on the pretext that I decide to come to school or I think my mum is just going to kick me out tomorrow 😛

Anyhow 😀 We have had the best times together. I am eternally grateful to camps for tightening our friendship. We have have gone on laughing jags and talked on and on about books and ahh! so many things. I love how we’re so alike.

On a serious note, Chittu: You’re a beautiful person. Be the same forever & always and oh! change only for the better. It’s high time we heal the world :’D I wish you all the happiness in the world. You color the world with your extremely bright attitude and smile. I love you beyond measure. Cheers! *clink* 😉


(eep, next year. If not Andrews, I’m going to see you in the UK. Looking forward to more of you! Happy B’day gorgeous.


One thought on “RHEEEE ♬

  1. This actually made my day even more AMAZING! LOVE YOU, GIRL! And these are mutual sentiments! =D Like I told you before, I too LOVE talking to you. Truly, you’re one special and awesome friend! ❤

    P.S. We should definitely start a campaign to "Heal the world…Make it a better place…For you and for me and the entire human race!" (Michael Jackson)

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