A Heart of Gold and Paper

ImageWhat I succeed to understand and fail to apply to my life is that the society is in need of those things that are hard to find. If you are seeking help will you invest time and energy into convincing the one who is half ready to help you or choose the one who is willing to help you altruistically? 

Recently, I met a friend for supper. I have known him since four years. I have known a time when he told me that he liked me. Old school teenage business. I dismissed this entirely and explicated it to him that I did not feel the same way about him. I reduced talking with him to avoid making things awkward. Gradually, we rekindled talking and decided to meet over. How flawed it is that old people think that teenagers of our age do not know to love. My friend is an epitomy of unconditional love. Not once did he try to make things awkward between us. It was the best dinner pinched with lots of laughter and joy. It is hard to believe that I see him as a best friend notwithstanding I don’t believe in making best friends. We talk occasionally and he does not know all my secrets but he is my mentor. Amongst all my friends, I respect him because he makes me believe that the topsy turviness of life is a trap. Unknowingly, he teaches me to look beyond the visible and the common. What the world needs is unconditional love. 

While we ambled towards his car and bid goodbye to each other, he cleverly pulled out a picture of mine from the wallet and handed it over. He later tried to cover up by saying that he’d got several pictures printed and mine was one. My friend cannot belong to this century. He is an angel. I feel horrible because he feels that I don’t value him as much as he does and I feel horrible because it is true. I dearly hope that I am at par with him someday. I only have a Heart of paper right now. 



4 thoughts on “A Heart of Gold and Paper

  1. The beauty of love couldn’t have been expressed more appropriately < looks like each and every word came from the bottom of the heart and also whats good to see is that the story is not a fiction# the thought has been expressed beautifully.

  2. Awww..It’s kinda cute. 🙂
    You’re really lucky to have such people in your life.
    and you’ve put this whole thing in a really poetic way, especially the title. 😀
    and don’t worry, even a paper with beautiful words and thoughts on it, is of more value than gold sometimes.
    Just make sure that ‘heart of paper’ contains golden thoughts. 😉

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