Me, Made Merry

Sometimes I want to hop into that century- some century- that romantic century. Impeccable. Here I am far, faaar away from leaders. I am a torchbearer- But in my vicinity. They think I am a torchbearer; doing qualitative wonders to the world. But I am young, wild and free. I love this instant glory. I am doing all that makes my heart jump for a new life; crave for more and more moments of merriment. I am in love with myself. I am in love with this fresh fruit of life; I feel blissed out. Good literature, Great literature embellished in emotion, flowery language- it makes me… hopeful. Voila! It’s a beautiful moment. Ah! It’s always the same longing to be close to nature at this destined moment. So beware that I do not abate the beauty of my moment- I light the candles that are positively unrolling sweet fragranced words. The Night. I rejoice with myself. I have a soft corner for this night. It’s unfair to compare nighttime to darkness and gloom and despair and melancholy. This night –


shines on like a crazy diamond…!Image