There is no channel for hatred, anger and intolerance. One can vest love and happiness in the outdoor world. And the trick is simple. If you believe in creating your own world and patenting it then there is no chance that the mind will not be at peace. I believe that we all live in two kinds of worlds. The outer world and the inner world. See, it is very straight forward. There is so much intolerance in the world because humans are striving tirelessly to establish their personal, separate worlds; these worlds collide with one another and the result is violence. It is impossible to fight with the forces of nature. It is Nature’s World and Nature is the most powerful force. When humans disrupt the forces of Nature, it revolts. When land is deforested, Nature revolts in the form of erosion. The pragmatic solution to global feud is acceptance. Acceptance of the general truth that each human being is unrepeated. I am not implying that one does not deck his dreams. Dream. There are no barriers, no full stops, no rules, in dreams. Accept the ongoings of the outdoor world. Do not appraise it harshly. Grasp the goodness and dismiss the flaws. What you sense as irrational may be sound and well thought out by someone else. Do not vex yourself. Remember you are growing at your own pace. Keep up the good optimism and tell yourself that someday he or she shall definitely learn what you have already learnt and perhaps, see modicum rationality in your argument. Pray. Pray with a happy and peaceful heart. 


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