The Happiness Project (:

Hello World πŸ˜€

I believe that one’s mind keeps embracing novelties every second moment. One moment, one formulates an idea, an opinion; the second moment, he dislodges it. One maddeningly keeps looking for answers to every detail of this crazy world.




And then, alters his judgement.

Let me break the ice to you, tiz implausible. Whoever created this world, xyz being, is a GENIUS πŸ™‚ Because there is no definite answer to anything. I don’t even know what the world population is, but, 9832748792409093104987 minds, one answer? Convincing? Nay.Β I certainly agree with Gary Miranda, he says, “MOST TRICKS ARE DONE BEFORE YOU THINK THEY HAVE STARTED” πŸ˜›

Anyhow πŸ˜€

But this is how I feel today. In fact, I’m going to honor the bargain I’m going to make from now on. I’m going to start my blogs with ‘This is how I feel today.’ Because it is true. An inconsistent human being is a real person. I definitely do not think that the one who changes his mind regularly is a troubled, harebrained doofus! It is okay to consider an argument from different dimensions πŸ™‚ Hey, you want to broaden your horizons, it’s a benign effort. Your idiosyncrasies are God’s bestowal. The only thought that is hovering over me right now is to let my fellas know that HAPPINESS is effortless. In fact, no emotion be abased per say. I do not fathom the saying ‘Happiness exists within you.’ I understood it until this morning but it sounds non-sensical to me at this very moment. Hahah, anyhow. I say, stop thinking and GO FOR IT. Follow your heart. The more you dig deeper into the concepts of right-doing and wrong-doing, the more, pain and grief will bury you. There is no conception of right-doing and wrong-doing. It is merely a berserk dogma that sprawled over generations. Just saying. As a matter of fact, if, decoding God’s plan brings you happiness, go for it. If you have a reason to lie, sans any guiltiness, lie. Whatever, whatever, brings you joy. If encountering new faces and cities makes your heart jump, I’ll buy you a plane ticket ya. Consider road tripping, although (: Matter of factly, do what your heart says. In fact, I think one can love himself. TRULY. Only himself. After all, it was you who consoled yourself when you decided to go on a real crying jag. But lessons learnt. No one can hurt you without your consent. I have no abstruse definition for happiness. It just means following your heart. Weeping isn’t a cowardly thing to do, plus. If weeping a bucket, makes you happy and relieved, weep. YOU are responsible for your own self. Follow the whisper that your heart makes. It’s the most powerful voice. Break away from the man-made bogus theories of check and cross.The world will eventually become a happy, peaceful and a beautiful place πŸ™‚

*saying goodnight whilst stargazing*



5 thoughts on “The Happiness Project (:

  1. I need a flight ticket too… All smiles, thereafter… I swear πŸ™‚ You Rock Aishwarya. Look forward to a lot more coming out of your pen. You have one fan already πŸ™‚

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